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State v. Burgess:  Lorain County Common Pleas, Case No. 23-CR-109420.  A black off-duty police officer was arrested in his car by a white deputy sheriff for allegedly not telling the sheriff he had 2 firearms.  Defendant was ordered at gun point on the ground in January and charged with 4 felony counts and 1 count of OMVI.  A 4 hour suppression hearing resulted in a dismissal.

State v. Gaffney:  A seizure of one ounce of heroin following a traffic stop and the use of a drug dog was suppressed.  The Court held that the stop of the vehicle was questionable and the police unconstitutionally expanded the traffic stop into a drug investigation.

State v. Harper:  Defendant was tried and convicted of trafficking in two kilos of cocaine and was sentenced to a mandatory 11 years.  Mr. Korey began representation, filed an appeal, and obtained a reversal based on an invalid traffic stop and an improper inventory search.

In a complex federal prosecution, involving defrauding investors, the client avoided an indictment.

United States v. Abdelqader:  Defendant was facing deportation after a plea of guilty in federal court.  Mr. Korey filed a writ of coram nobis based on Padilla, the plea was changed, and the defendant avoided deportation.

State v. Tolliver:  Mr. Korey began representation after the defendant received the death penalty for a double murder. Based on Batson, the trial court granted a motion for a new trial.  At the retrial, Mr. Korey obtained an acquittal.

State v. Freeman:  In a prosecution for the murder of her nine year old sister, the defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity based on the controversial Isolated Explosive Disorder.

State v. May:  After a plea of guilty to felonious assault on a police officer, defendant was sentenced to prison.  Mr. Korey began representation and won a reversal on appeal based on a defective plea.  He tried the case and obtained an acquittal.

State v. Mitchell:  Defendant was on the FBI’s most wanted list for the attempted murder of a Dunlop security guard.  Based on the defense’s presentation of a defective eyewitness identification, a substantial alibi, and evidence pointing toward another person, the state dismissed the indictment.

United States v. Montanez: Mr. Korey has a number of successful, notable federal appeals including United States v. Montanez, 442 F.3d 485 (6th Cir. 2006), which has saved hundreds of Ohio federal inmates from being sentenced harshly under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

State v. Brown:  Mr. Korey obtained a new trial for a defendant convicted of murder based on the failure of the prosecution to disclose an immunity agreement with a key state witness. The defendant had been convicted 22 years ago.

United States v. Korfant:  Mr. Korey successfully defended a person in an anti-trust prosecution.

Hammonds v. RTA:  A stab victim on a city bus brought a claim against the company based on inadequate security.  A jury returned a verdict in her favor for the full amount she requested.



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